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Unlike mobile websites, native apps will allow your business to reach potential customers on the App stores and communicate with them with Push notifications. Would it be wonderful if building native cross-platform apps with easy-to-use, fully customizable layouts, and ready to publish on App stores without coding of programming language required? The conventional approach to building native apps follow these steps: Concept, Interaction, Design, Development, and Testing; This process take time and need people skill. We answer the calling, we simplify this process, we automate it by creating a Mobile Application Extreme: The MAX!

With MAX you can use EPMS as the backend for mobile application development. EPMS can contain your content, business logic, user management, and search functionality, and your app can be a front end that talks to EPMS Services.


Saving Time


Using MAX you can create mobile apps with no time waste. No programming just focusing on UI and UX design.


Cross Platform


The mobile apps generated by MAX is cross platform native apps. It is digitally signed and ready to publish to App stores.




With MAX you can build a stronger name for your corporate with higher customer satisfaction and deliver on your marketing goals.