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Vox New - Enterprise Knowledge Workflow System



Enterprises have a lot of electronic data in the format of documents, records, images, video and other information from various sources and applications. Organizations are constantly spending huge amount of time in locating end user information; for example, employees store documents in folders on their hard disk; furthermore nobody knows the information stored in all the enterprise and which information is needed. The use of a Knowledge Management System in a company helps to manage the intelligence of the available resources of the company more efficiently; this implies an increase of productivity. Through these systems the information as well as the knowledge generated within the organization can be both kept centrally and accessed globally.

These proprietary applications claims to be KMS but are actually document management system, which post much constraint and functionary restriction such as absent of project task, calendar, CRM, and etc.

Using VOX EKP to manage digital assets at your company will be easy. One of our major goals is the usability case study. VOX EKP is a web based application that allows the following operations to be carried out: sharing, setting security roles, auditing and finding enterprise calibration data, electronic documents and records. With VOX EKP users can easily collaborate and communicate. The flow of documents through the business cycle can be managed and tracked. From initial capture and creation, sharing and collaboration, across approval, review and revisions.

VOX EKP ensures information workers can find, use, share and secure valuable corporate content. Information assets contribute to on-going business. Collaborating on new or existing documents is central to how users engage with corporate information. Secure interactive repository connect teams to their critical, even across the most distributed, decentralized organizations.

  • MVC Framework

  • Dashboard
  • Personalization    
  • Form Designer
  • Version Control
  • Federated Search Engine
  • Metadata and Taxonomy
  • Wikis and Blogs
  • Store on Relational Database
  • Object Right and Permission
  • AAA Security and Audit Log
  • Multi-Level Role based ACL
  • Workflow
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Reports and Statistics
  • Hot Folder with Automatic Key Extraction
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)