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VoxNew - Fastmail Messaging Server




  • User Profile
  • Quota Control
  • Email account expiry
  • Email encryption and Compression
  • Security for document transfer within messaging system
  • Ability to protect email attachments with password protection


  • Anti-spam to block junk mails
  • Anti-virus and anti-SPAM module (require standalone email security gateaway)
  • LDAP compliant
  • Integrates with external mail using POP3 and IMAP4
  • Email to mobile Short Messaging System (SMS)

Address Book

  • Personal Address book for both individual and group
  • Post-office list
  • Global group and distribution list


  • Web based email module
  • Compose, reply, reply all, and forward mail
  • WYSIWYG compose area
  • Auto complete compose area
  • Flag and Un-flag import email for following up
  • Facility for sending priority mail such as return-receipt
  • Spelling checker
  • Support attachment for both UUENCODE and MIME format
  • Automatic signature for all outgoing message
  • Vacation Response
  • System folder and user defined folders
  • User defined preference settings such as inline image display
  • Web based administration module
  • Able to download mails from POP3 and IMAC4 server
  • Display inline image of GIF and JPEG attachment
  • API ready
  • Multi domain on single server
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Message bulletin board